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Using Bugatti Tactics To Build An Audience

Since I started blogging and link building a few months ago, I noticed that the way I used the internet has drastically changed. I used to be content with just checking my mail, news and playing a few games online. Then I became obsessed with SEO,SERPs and pagerank. Every time I visited a site, I started to check its Pagerank and Alexa Rank.

Then Recently, I watched a documentary on Bugatti and I started to see a link between the ways they did business and how most successful bloggers do theirs. So I decided to put my thoughts on paper and it soon evolved into this entire post.

Pick something you’re good at

When it comes to blogging, you have to find what you are good at and excel at it. I know this is probably one of the most overused pieces of advice in the blogosphere but there is a lot of truth to it. If you do something that you don‘t enjoy, there is a very slim chance of you ever making it. When you enjoy and have a passion for what you are doing, it will hardly feel like work and you will actually have fun while doing it. Just make sure that you choose an interest that has an audience otherwise all your work would be for nothing.

Bugatti has been known for building good looking, quality cars. One thing they are especially good at is speed. That’s what they are good at and they use that to their advantage. Their engineers have a passion for speed and that is why they excel at it as you can see from the Veyron and the Supersport.

Just as Bugatti specialized in speed, you can also specialize on a particular part of your niche. For example, instead of making a blog on a general term ‘weight loss’, you can specialize on ‘weight loss program reviews’ or ‘weight loss for kids’ or instead of ‘Technology’, you can choose ‘Linux’ or ‘Android’. This is highly targeted, has less competition and gives you a higher chance of conversions e.g. subscribers and affiliate sales. This is also related to the SEO technique of using long tail keywords.

By being specific, you get known as an expert in the field then in the future after some success, you can decide to expand to cover other related topics. The following are some successful bloggers who have used this technique:

Brian Clark - CopyBlogger.com (Copywriting)

Corbett Barr - ThinkTraffic.net (Traffic Generation)

Danny Iny - FirepoleMarketing.com (Online Marketing and Business)

Derek Halpern – SocialTriggers.com (Traffic and Business Psychology)

Pat Flynn – SmartPassiveIncome.com (Home Online Income Generation)

Each of these has passion and has specialized and become an expert in their chosen fields.

Invest in Incredible Quality

It is always good to invest in incredible quality content. It shows people that you are serious about your niche and you aren’t just in it for the quick buck.

With the Veyron, it cost Bugatti about $5 million to produce but they only sold it for $1 million which is an obvious loss. But one thing you have to understand is that Bugatti didn’t build it to make money, they built it just to show that they could. They made a statement and that statement stuck. They invested in quality.

When writing your blog posts, don’t just write for the sake of keeping your RSS feed alive or just to add more pages of content. You should write like you mean it. Do extensive research for it and be thorough. Don’t publish a post unless you are sure your point has been made. Try to leave no stone unturned and make your reader feel good about reading your content. A quote from Corbett Barr, ‘write epic shit!!!’

Most bloggers hold out on a lot of their juicy secrets and only give them out with their paid products. This leaves their public content with an empty feel. Their blog posts are bland and simply uninteresting. Give out a lot of free secrets. I would say at least 40-60%. This would leave your readers hungry for more and then you can release your eBook or product. You would already have proved to them that you are the real deal and you would have a higher chance of conversions.

Create a brand and aim to associate it with your niche

Bugatti Created the Veyron and from then we associated the Bugatti brand with incredible speed. Even when the Ultimate Aero was released and took over the crown of world’s fastest car, Bugatti engineers went back to work and soon released the Supersport and reclaimed the crown. They had a fighting spirit and so should you.
When you enter the niche, aim high. Have the mindset of dominating your niche. Become the ‘Google’ of your niche. By that I don’t mean create a search engine; I’m just stressing the need to have the domination mindset. Think about it. When you want to search for something on the net, what do you say? You say ‘Let me Google it’ even if you end up using Bing or Yahoo.

Make something and create a buzz. This can be a blog, ebook, video or anything that has potential to become viral. Make people know you and associate you with quality.

Get Authorities to Mention You and Build Relationships

Top Gear is probably one of the most popular motoring shows today. It is watched by millions, maybe even billions of people around the world. When the presenters (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig) test and recommend a particular car, it gets attention. The Bugatti Veyron was so highly recommended by Top Gear that they had to dedicate three episodes to it. People trust their advice and they have a huge following. Get your car mentioned by them and you are guaranteed a spike in sales.

Same goes with Blogging. When an authority in your niche mentions you or something you have done, you should expect to get some attention and siphon some of their subscribers as well as gain some good backlinks.

By people, I mean the ‘gurus’ or top bloggers in your niche. You can do this by:

a) Writing Guest Posts.
b) Linking to Other Bloggers through your own content.
c) Doing something so amazing, it gets attention.
d) Asking. Sounds funny but it works.

Build relationships with others and make friends. Sooner or later when you need a favor, they will be more than happy to help.

Over To You:

What tactics do you use to build an audience?
When was your first eureka moment in audience building?

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