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The future of Article Marketing, Backlinks and Traffic

Article Marketing has always been a popular way of gaining backlinks to your site and improving your SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position). It involves creating a unique article with a link or two back to your site and submitting it to article directories which give backlinks to your site and helping you rank better. Then someone who needs content from his blog can go to an article directory and copy it (including your links) which in turn gives you even more backlinks. You can’t lose. Plus the fact that this directory already has a reasonably high PR (Page rank) and already ranks highly means you get loads of free traffic when someone clicks the link in the article

Good deal right? Back then when I just started blogging I would say yes, but at the moment I would say 50-50. Nowadays most article directories aren’t worth submitting to. Do you know why? It’s because Google has identified most article directories as being poor quality and has given very little value to them.

This is mainly due to low quality articles, duplicate content and the fact that the sites that these articles link to are considered bad neighborhood or low quality. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Google penalizes you if your site links to another site that Google doesn’t trust, so it penalizes article directories because of this, which in turn penalizes you. That’s why top article directory sites like Ezinearticles are strict about the articles they allow to be published on their site. They have even gone as far as to check the site that you are linking to and check for quality content. If they don’t find anything of quality they reject your article. This forces you to make positive changes to your site and resubmit your article if you want your article published.

I’ve said a lot haven’t I? But don’t worry article marketing isn’t dead. Because of the measures that websites like Ezinearticles have taken to remain high quality, they are gaining back their reputation and are starting to slowly get first 

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  1. Thanks for writing this great information. Article marketing is a way of good hope if taken carefully.