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Getting Traffic from Twitter

If you live in the real world then you know all about twitter, it is a micro blogging service that allows to publish small statuses called tweets that people who are following you can view. When it comes to blogging, this can be an amazing resource for getting traffic.
The first thing you should to if you want to get traffic from twitter is obviously to open an account. Even if you already have one it is advisable to open a separate account for your blog so that you can have one for your personal friends and another that is strictly for business. This way your twitter feed will not be overwhelmed with messages.

Once you get your account, add a “follow me on twitter button on your blog so that your readers will also be able to follow you on twitter.
Now whenever you have a new post on your blog, you can tweet about it and your followers will know and follow your link to your blog. It also helps people remember your blog exists in case they have forgotten about it. This has happened to me before so believe me when I say, get a twitter account.It helps you build more loyal followers.
Twitter is also a place that can help you research more on your niche. Find other people who blog about the same niche as you and follow them. They will also most likely follow you back when they discover you have a common interest. You can learn from each other. This helps you build readership and get more traffic from twitter.
I will be writing more on twitter, how it affects social media and methods of generating more traffic and revenue. Subscribe to the feed so that you do not miss out on anything.