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4 things you should never do to your blog

I have been in the blogging business for over seven years now and I can fairly say I know what can make and break a blog. I have compiled a list of things you should never do if you plan on running a successful blog and possibly generating an income from it.

1.       Over placing ads: Ads at times can be downright annoying. No one wants to see a web page that is stuffed with ads and only has a sentence of useful information. If you have to place ads place them strategically, especially if they are Google ads. People around the world have at this point learnt to completely ignore ads. They may look at the ads but they won’t see them.

2.       Posting once in a blue moon: Posting regularly shows that your site is active and will eventually attract new readers while providing your current readers satisfied. It helps boost your reputation. If you don’t post regularly, you will lose readers. Google might also identify you as a dead site and you may lose your search engine ranking.

3.       Have a poorly designed site: Look at some of the most successful blogs across the net. One thing you will realize is that they all have well designed sites. The site doesn’t get in your way when you are trying to find the information you need and you are more satisfied with the user experience.

4.       Not replying to comments: When someone comes to your blog and makes a useful comment or asks a question, they care about your blog and want to know your thoughts. If you don’t reply, the whole experience will become impersonal and they will soon leave your site. Be ready to answer any questions and provide your opinions if need be.