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A Lesson from Barney Stinson about Blogging and Marketing

If you have been in the blogging game as long as I have, you have probably heard the phrase content is king. This is true when it comes to blogging; nothing beats content when it comes to generating traffic. Well nothing beats it except marketing. A site, no matter how useless or repulsive will always generate serious traffic if marketed properly. This is one of the lessons I learnt from Perez Hilton and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris). You probably know Perez Hilton from his famous celebrity blog but then there is Barney Stinson.
 If you don’t know who this is he is a character in the television show “how I met your mother.” He is a womanizer and uses all kinds of underhanded tricks to get woman into bed which is bit like you trying to get traffic. Okay now that the introduction is over; let me get to the point of this article.

In the show Barney revealed something called the playbook in which he put every method and trick he had of getting women into bed. One of the tricks in the book involved pretending you are an imaginary man called Lorenzo von Matterhorn and creating websites about his achievements to trick women into thinking you are unbelievably rich and successful. Right after the show aired there was a huge number of searches done on Lorenzo Von Matterhorn and the funny thing is that the sites that were created in the show were also created in reality. These sites gained a huge amount of traffic and rose through alexa traffic ranks and also built a large number of backlinks from fans of the show.

Neil Patrick Harris also used the fame of this to release the actual Playbook on the internet along with two other related books which he sold and made a huge amount of money from. Just goes to show you content may be king but nothing builds traffic more than good marketing.
I will talk more on how to properly market your blog in posts to come. Until then stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter and subscribe to our feed.