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5 Old SEO Techniques I hope you are not using

Seo has changed from the early days of search engines and it is no longer as easy it was 5-10 years ago to get to the top of search engines for your chosen keywords. I have tried a lot of methods to rank for my keywords and now I can safely say I know what works and what doesn’t. Here I have compiled a list of Seo techniques I hope you are not using and if you are stop now and rethink your whole strategy. They may have worked once but they don’t anymore and they will hurt your site more than promote it.

·         Publishing thousands of pages of nonsense content: For obvious reasons, Google favors sites with many pages of content but it is quality content that it cares about. A site with a million pages of nonsense can easily be outranked by a site with 100 pages of quality content. Don’t be in a rush to publish blog posts without caring about the quality.

·         Overusing Anchor Text: In your effort to rank highly you decide to use one type of keyword your whole link building campaign. This will severely hurt your site. Google’s recent algorithm changes will make sure of that. If you don’t vary your anchor text, you will never rank highly on Google, believe me I know.

·         Using Automatic Backlink Building Software: Using automatic Backlinking software seems very promising to the new blogger or site owner. Most of the marketers of this type of software promise a hassle free link building experience where you just sign up and all of a sudden backlinks will be created automatically. Let me tell you the truth right now. Let me lay out what most of this software does.

a)      About 75% of this software is Trojan. They say they do one thing while in the background they are doing the other, usually stealing your credit card details or passwords. Beware of them.
b)      They create useless links. They will create links on many sites with low security and low quality. So you will have a lot of backlinks but they will be totally useless when it comes to ranking well.
c)       If they use a commenting technique, they spam other sites with useless comments and your email address could be blacklisted and you will never be able to comment again with it. It’s not worth it. You have to remember that most sites are now moderated so posting useless comments is a waste of time.

·         Submitting to multiple Search Engines: What is the point in submitting to multiple search engines when only three search engines are worth submitting to i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing. Don’t waste your time. Find better ways to build links.

·         Submitting to Directories: Google doesn’t care about directory submissions as much as they use to unless you are listed with a site like DMOZ or the Yahoo paid directory. Google trusts these sites. If you are not listed with these directories then don’t waste your time getting.


  1. I hate the automatic backlinking software. Some of the comments it creates is so templated that they have become easy to find.

    Also, submitting to directories used to be a SEO technique years ago, but has now become useless. I'm still surprised that people continue to submit to directories.

    1. Yeah i agree with you, i think the reason people still submit to directories is they buy old books from the "gurus" of the internet and end up wasting valuable time.
      Thanks for commenting by the way, this blog is new and i really appreciate it.

  2. I agree with you guys on the automatic banklinking software, it is the cause of so much spam on several of my sites!
    Although with submitting to directories, I would say that in any vertical there are perhaps a small number of high quality directories worth submitting to, especially if you are promoting a local business - some of these directories actually send qualified visitors your way.

  3. True, like i mentioned in the post, some are actually worth submitting to like DMOZ, for some reason, maybe the human factor, they are highly favored by Google

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