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Lessons I Learnt From My First Blog

Seeing as this is the first post of this blog, I would like to take you back in time to the beginning of my whole blogging career.
When I started my first blog back in 2005, I was over optimistic and was ready to take the blogging world by storm. I had all these amazing ideas and after reading many ebooks and websites by many gurus, I honestly thought I was ready.
Boy(or Girl) was I ever wrong. What i realized after about six months was i really never knew anything. When I was reading all those ebooks I was not actually reading the content. I was reading what I wanted to read, I was seeing what I wanted to see. I thought i would become the top most blogger in six months tops because I thought I read what I needed to read. Hate to admit it but it all ended in disaster.

Here is a list of all the things I did wrong when I started my first blog:

  • I was overly Optimistic: I started a blog without knowing what I wanted to write about. This may sound stupid to most seasoned veterans in the blogging universe but this is something very common among newbies. I was in a rush and posted whatever I wanted with no attention to content. Basically it was all garbage.
  • I had a "Universal Niche": In simple English, I had no niche. My blog was about everything. My personal thoughts, weight loss, art, photography, you name it. You can't even imagine how much of a disaster it was. When I look back at it now I wan't to go back in time and kick myself in the teeth for doing such things. The only way you can succeed in doing this is by making something like Wikipedia but that's a long shot.
  • I cared about money more than content: Because i had heard stories of bloggers making millions off the internet, I wanted to join that club. I wanted to become one of the gurus and i cared more about that than the quality of my site. Sure I have to admit, I enjoyed some success from it, even making a few thousands in a month(about $50000, my best month by the way) but I wasn't producing anything of value and my traffic and income dropped significantly after a few months.
  • I was in a hurry to produce content: I believed quantity was better than quality so my site was full of hundreds of garbage articles that I think people regretted reading once they did.
  • Admittedly I used some Black Hat SEO Methods: Though I was never actually caught by Google, i did use black hat, a lot of black hat by the way because I would become restless when I checked my stats and no one was viewing. They never worked so i was spending too much time trying to get fast low quality back links and my site suffered.
So as you can see, what happened to me was what happens to many beginner bloggers and if you are one of them, please avoid going through the same as I did because in the long run, it won't be worth it.