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Make Money Online: Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to make some serious money online then affiliate Marketing is one of the definite ways to go. Many people around the world are making millions, maybe even billions in total because of affiliate marketing. So it’s all up to you whether you want to join them or not.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Make money online by Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is the process of referring an online shopper to a product or service and gaining a certain percentage (commission) from the sale. It’s like being a real estate agent. A real estate agent shows you a house and tries to persuade you to buy it. If they succeed they get a big fat commission. In the case of affiliate marketing, you persuade someone to buy a product or service and you get a commission off it. It is an excellent way to make money online.

Okay, so what are the benefits?

In terms of making money online, there are too many to count! A lot of product sellers offer amazing incentives to their affiliates. Some sellers could offer as much as a 50% commission on any of their products sold. So think about it, if you refer a customer to a product worth $100 and they offer say 30% in commission and they buy it, you earn $30 in one sale, just for convincing them. This could make you a lot of good money on the side and even possibly replace your entire income if you become good at it!
One great thing about making money online by affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to own any of the products yourself. You don’t have to have a warehouse and you don’t have to take any stock. It’s a very passive way to make money online.

How will the Seller know that I’m the one who referred the customer?

Usually what happens is the seller of a product will provide you with links containing a special code that identifies you as the referee. So that whenever someone clicks your links, the system will identify you and give you a commission if the customer makes a purchase.

Sounds good, so where do I put my links?

It is very easy for you to find places to put you links and most of them are free. The most common way is to write articles from different angles related to the products you are promoting making sure you add your link and submit them to article directories or offer them to related website owners. The more articles you write, the more of a reputation you build. Submitting to most article directories is free and most website owners would like the free content as long as it is relevant to their site, unique and informative. The advantage with sending website owners your articles is that they are already established and you don’t have to look for customers. You just have to market to people who are already interested in the subject.
Down the line you might want to set up your own website with a blog which is really helpful in bringing in more loyal customers and help you make more recurring sales, making you more money online because of the trust factor you would have built and soon you will join some of the masters and gurus in the affiliate marketing world.

Some Trusted Affiliate Networks
Here is a list of some trusted affiliate networks with a wide range of products to choose from:

  • ClickBank: Free to join. A wide range of products

  • MoreNiche: Free to Join. Focused on the Health and Weight Loss Niches, promote anything from skin care products to weight loss patches. Links, content and banners already available. When you join, you are even given a mentor who will help you step by step and help you make your first commission. Very Profitable, some payouts have been known to reach $170 on a single sale!   Join  |  Find out more

  • ImpactFive: Free to Join. Sister Site of MoreNiche. Geared more on adult oriented products like home breast enlargement kits and home penis enlargement.  Links, content and banners already available. When you join, like with MoreNiche, you are given a mentor who will help you make your first commission. Very Profitable with large payouts.                         Join   |    Find out more

  • Amazon: Free to Join. Different products to choose from.
                   Good Luck and go make some money!!!


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    1. Affiliate marketing is an amazing way a lot of people make money online. Once you know what you're doing, the rest is a breeze. Thanks for the comment by the way. Appreciate it.

  2. In the case of affiliate marketing, you persuade someone to buy a product or service and you get a commission off it. It is an excellent way to make money online.

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