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Make Money Online: The Twitter Cash Cow

By now, you know all about Twitter. It is a service that allows you to connect with friends, business partners and work associates. It is very interactive and has opened the door to many opportunities, like making money online. There are thousands of people already doing it and you can join them right now if you want.

Use Twitter as a part of your Affiliate Marketing Arsenal

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Now as an Affiliate Marketer, you would want others to know when you have added new content to your website so that you have the opportunity of making more money online. You have to gain a lot of followers so that whenever you update your site or are promoting a new product you have people to see it in real time. So say you have 10,000 followers. Imagine sending out a tweet for all these people to see and only 1% decide to buy that product, that’s 100 people, so that’s 100 commissions! So if you have a twitter page, use this as a serious opportunity to make a lot of money online.

Make money online: Using Twitter and RevTwt CPC(Cost Per Click)

RevTwt is a sort of platform that allows you to make money directly from your tweet. Think about it, making money from your tweets!
When you sign up for RevTwt, the administrators will have to review your twitter profile. If they approve it, they will allow you to place relevant ads on different products and services on it. So once someone views the profile and clicks on the links, you make money!
Now the thing is, the thing is, clicks just pay maybe a few cents each depending on the type of ad. In the end with numerous clicks, it could add up to a sensible source of income and another good way to make money online.