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Review My Site, I Review Yours Plus You Get Free Traffic

Hi Everyone,

I have an offer for you guys, all you have to do is review my site on your site, preferably a blog post. Just something small, maybe even 50-100 words with "make money online" or "how to blog" as part of the anchor text and submit a comment on this post containing a link to where you put my review and I will also review your site with whatever anchor text you wish as a link to yours.
Benefits are we get links from each other and we also share traffic between our new sites giving us more readers.
P.S. Make sure it's something good. I will definitely return the favor.

Example of review:

" Electric Blogging is a blog dedicated to teaching people how to blog, seo and making money online. Nathan Kash the owner of this blog gives a new insight into how blogging should be done and shares all the insider secrets on the subject. He has definitely mastered what it takes to run a successful blog."
Thanks a lot!!!

Nathan Kash

Im Only Looking for Five Reviews So You Better Hurry!!!