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5 Ways To Promote Your Blog Effectively

Blog Promotion
Blog promotion can be a daunting task and very time consuming. It can also be very frustrating if you don't do it right and don't see any results. One thing (first timers especially) think that promoting a blog has to only do with external promotion i.e. using other sites to promote your blog. This is true if you only want a few visitors but if you want a large in-pour of traffic you are going to have to also work on the blog itself first. Here I will outline a few good ways to get some serious traffic to your blog and how to keep it coming.

  1. Work on Your Titles: Your Post titles have to be Captivating an force the user to click even if he is not interested in the topic at all. Make a title that is just itching to be clicked. A good title can definitely bring in the traffic especially when added to social bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.
  2. Work on the Content: Your content has to be clear an informative that way, when someone finds your content amazing, they will feel the urge to share it with their friends through Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 sites. Then those friends will share it with their friends and you could possibly have thousands of people visit your site.
  3. Add Share Buttons: You have to add share buttons to your site and make sure they are easy to access. This way someone likes the article. This point actually actually works hand in hand with point 2. This may seem a bit obvious but a lot of people when starting a blog forget to add the share buttons until later on and will have missed a lot of opportunity for massive traffic.
  4. Join Blog Communities: Joining blog Communities like BlogEngage, Blokube and Bloggers can really boost your traffic. Usually you are allowed to post a link and details on a post you recently published and this post is voted on. If your post is really good and voted for, you end up on the first page where all the main traffic is and guess what? More Traffic. This is where point 1 comes in. You have to work on your titles so that they are noticed. Some communities also hold regular blogging competitions with prizes up to $1000. So this can also help you gain exposure.
  5. Update Frequently: Frequently updated sites help when it comes to search engine traffic, especially Google.Google likes frequently updated sites because it shows that the site is alive and that along with quality content will help you climb the search engine ranks.
Bonus Tips: 

Commenting on related blogs: is also a very effective way of promotion especially if you give meaningful, well thought out comments related to the post. People would want to know who you are and would probably visit your site, just make sure to leave your Name and URL. Comments like "good post" wouldn't work because most blogs now are moderated and it will be seen as spammy.

Joining Blog Carnivals: Joining Blog Carnivals can be a very efficient way to promote your blog especially when your niches are related. See More on Blog Carnivals