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Stumble Upon Traffic Series: Part 1

In this current age of social media and blogging, there are many services that you can use to promote your content and share your ideas. One of these such services is StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon traffic is one of the most debated methods of generating traffic among many seasoned bloggers.
It has the potential to send you anywhere from a hundred to tens of thousands of views in a single day (the highest I received in a single day was 3267 hits) which is good but the argument is whether the quality of traffic is good or not.

On average the average stumbler spends between 15 to 35 seconds on a page (which is rubbish) unless the content on your site is attractive enough to engage him/her.
The following tips will help you master stumble and possibly turn it into conversions.

Write Eye Catching Titles

This is the key to most web 2.0 sites. Possibly the most important part of it. A mouth watering title helps draw the reader and make them stay on your page longer. Increasing the likelihood of a conversion ( affiliate clicks, Subscribers etc)

Titles That Work On StumbleUpon:

  • Resources
  • Top Lists (e.g. top 10 internet millionaires) 
  • Funny Stuff
  • Something that helps or fills a need (e.g. How To's)
  • Something Amazing, Unusual or Controversial

Need Proof? Check the top rated pages in each category. They all have amazing titles that draw you in and they also follow up with amazing articles.

So the first step is the title but if you don't have top class content backing it up, you will lose the visitor as they skin through your post and realize it's worthless. Engage them from the beginning and leave the with an overwhelming wow feeling that will make them want to explore your site more.

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What do you think of StumbleUpon? What's the maximum amount of visitors from it?

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