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Google Smoogle: Why You Don't Need Google To Get Explosive Traffic

Thousands upon thousands of so-called gurus have led you to believe that Google is the king of all traffic and that if you don't follow Google's rules of SEO and linking, you are doomed to fail.
Well i'm here to show you why you don't relly need Google to crash your servers because of too much traffic.

1. Youtube

According to alexa, Youtube is the third most popular site on the web. Billions of videos are watched each day and millions go viral. Im going to give you a real world example of a business that took off from a single youtube video gone viral.

  The Dollar Shave Club. One hillarious video that went viral and launched their business.

Funny right?? have to do is get creative and post an online video series for your blog and watch the traffic pour in. Just make sure you have a link back to your site for your fans to follow you.

2.Awesome Comments

Don't just say something lame like, "Great post" or "Like your blog". Say something meaningful. Challenge the poster if you have to, ask him/her questions and slip in some information about your site like a similar post you had written. People will take notice of you and follow your name link to your site.

3. Twitter

There are enough ways to get traffic off twitter that i don't need to go through right now. (if you want to know more check the twitter section) Basically all you have to do is build a following. Follow people who have already followed someone related to your niche. If they follow you back great, if they don't unfollow them.
Then whenever you have a new blog post or whatever. tweet it and sit back and watch the traffic come.

4. StumbleUpon

Actually my biggest traffic and subscriber bringer when I first started out. Write an awesome post. Stumble it and watch the traffic roll in and the great thing is it's long term. I tried it with a brand new blog with only one post in it and got 1500 views and 57 subscribers. IN ONE NIGHT!! Do not underestimate it's power.

5. Subscribers

Get people to subscribe to your sites feed. These people will automatically be sent an update every time you update your content. So you will have a list of loyal subscribers who have gotten to know you and willing to read your posts. Which reminds me, if you are new here, subscribe to my feed to get free updates.
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Photo Credit: Michael Dawson
What methods do you use to drive traffic without Google?

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  1. Search engine traffic is required to get targeted traffic, this means that you don'that you don't have to relay on Google to get traffic but don't forget that it still need to get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is more profitable and converts more to deals. Other sources of getting traffic other than Google would be Yahoo answers, writing Wikihow articles, publishing Squidoo lenses, etc.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Search engines do bring a lot of targeted traffic. But for someone starting out worried about how long it would take till seo takes effect. The alternatives can be very useful and other people could do a bit of the seo work for you e.g by linking to your post. Thanks for sharing you alternatives. Really appreciate it.