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The Psychology of Attracting Links and Boosting Traffic

This is a little excerpt on a free eBook i'm working on. It is called "The Psychology of Attracting Links and Building Traffic." Subscribe to my feed to be the first to receive it when finished.

For you to understand the psychology of attracting links and boosting traffic, you have to have to be familiar with the term Link Baiting.

By Definition: Link baiting is a piece of content placed on a web page for the purpose of gathering links from different sources. 
This can be a blog post, an image, a video. Really, anything that gives your reader an urge to share it.

In blogging links are usually shared through different means from social sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit to other blogs that generally find your content interesting. They link to you and you gain a backlink which helps you rank better in search enginse and drives you more traffic. If you don't know what backlinks are just go through the SEO section of this blog.

I am going to show you the best ways to create content that attracts a large number of links and probably boost your traffic 10, 20 and even a 1000 fold.

Current Content

People love current content. If it's happening now, people will share it now. So find something in your niche that is trending or being talked about and add your two cents to the topic. Chances are a lot of people will link to it because for obvious reasons they are interested.

This method is good for short term boost in traffic but also gives a possibility of long term links.

Funny and Cool

People share content that they find funny. How many times have you discovered a funny picture or article and just felt like sharing it with the world? That's how you can use link baiting. Create something funny and cool and people would want to link to you.

Rage comics and memes are popular these days, why not use them as your medium. These tend to go viral in a short period of time.

Bring on The Controversy 

Controversial stuff sells. Be the person people love to hate. Get something widely accepted and challenge it with every fiber of your being. People will eat it up and will either love or hate you. Either way it still works to your benefit. People will be talking about you.
You've probably heard the saying "All Publicity is Good Publicity"

As I said earlier, this is is just an excerpt. There are many ways to build traffic and I will be putting them all in my book. So Subscribe to my feed to be the first to receive it when finished.

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