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5 Reasons Your Site Isn't Getting As Much Traffic As You Want (And Fixes)

So, If you're reading this you are probably not getting as much traffic as you wanted: Don't worry, you are not alone. Millions of bloggers have this problem and don't beat yourself up about it.

Traffic generation is one of the most misunderstood topics in the blogging world and i am going to give you 5 reasons your blog isn't doing as well as you hoped.

1. You're not in to your topic: Passion is very important when it comes to blogging. If you are not passionate about your topic or are just in it for the money, then you might not go very far. When you have a passion about what you are writing, you will find it fun and not as much work as you think.

Think about the time when you were in school. You usually did better in classes that you enjoyed than those you didn't. Your passion shows in your posts.

Fix: Change your topic or find a way of getting more interested in the topic you are writing about.

2. You have a horrible design: The first thing people see when they visit your blog is your site design. People may want to read what you are writing about but if your site is unattractive they might not even bother.

Fix: Get an attractive theme or template. Trust me it's worth it. Make things look organised and don't bombard your visitors with unnecessary widgets. First impressions are everything.

3. You are impatient: Don't expect to achieve overnight success. The only way this is possible is if you are a celebrity or political figure. It takes time, you have to build a following.

Fix: Learn patience. Sorry to use this overused lime but Rome wasn't built in a day!!! Carefully work on you content. The better your content the greater the likelihood of them going viral.

4. No One Cares About Your Topic: If you choose a topic very few people care about. It's going to be hard to build a large audience. Give the people what they want and they will keep coming.

Fix: Make people want what you are providing. Steve Jobs once said that what he did was provide something and make you need it even if you don't know it yet. Give a unique angle to what you are writing about and people will start getting interested.

5.You're Not Helping Anyone: When people get on Google, they are usually finding an answer to a question they have. If what you are writing something that people find useful, they will not come.

Fix: Add some How To's to your site. Help someone. Find questions that are asked by readers of your niche and answer them. When you help them, they will help you by sharing your content, subscribing etc..

So what do you think? What are the reasons you have that sites don't get enough traffic?

Please share!!! We love comments.

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