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21 Most Bankable Freelance Writers On The Web

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post that would help you make the decision between writing your own content or outsourcing it.

If you didn't read it, here it is, Writing Your Own Content Vs Outsourcing.

Just to recap, here are some of the main advantages of outsourcing

  • You're able to focus on other areas of your blog like design and SEO.
  • Consistent quality because experts will write for you.
  • You never have to worry about running out of ideas.

Now, one thing I realized is that though I gave mainstream services to hire freelancers, I never actually gave you examples of actual credible writers.

This list (in no particular order) includes 21 of the most inspiring, efficient, bankable and compelling writers on the internet today who offer freelancing services. If you want an excellent return on investment, these are the people to look for.

Now, without further ado, these are the 21 Most Bankable Freelance Writers On The Web

1.Kristi Hines - Kikolani
Kristi is the rock star behind Kikolani (one of my personal favourites). She has over four years of experience in blogging and online marketing. Though she gives away a lot of free valuable info on her site, you can hire her for content development, search engine opimization and social media marketing. Follow her on Twitter

2.Steven Aitchison – Change Your Thoughts
Steven is the genius behind change your thoughts. He has written and published over 400 articles on the web over 3 years!
He mainly writes in the personal development niche but can also write on a range of other subjects Follow him on Twitter

3.Onibalusi Bamidele – Young Pre Pro
Onibalusi is best known for being one of the kings of guest posting.
He helps people grow their businesses through writing while placing emphasis on quality of work.
He offers a range of services from Blog content writing to eBook publishing. He also has the ability to write for almost any niche! Follow him on Twitter

4.Chris Pirillo – Chris Pirillo
Chris has been working in the content publishing industry since 1996. His first company, LockerGnome, provided practical technology knowledge to millions.
Today, Chris helps drive businesses and entrepreneurs forward by providing insight and guidance through speaking engagements, consulting arrangements, and coaching endeavors
From creating compelling content to fostering community building to implementing winning social media strategies, Chris Pirillo has been there and done that.  Follow him on Twitter

5.Keisha Easley – We Blog Better
Keisha knows what it takes to be a fantastic blogger. Writing is her passion and editing her speciality.
She holds a masters in English so she's not just a pretty face.
She offers blog consulting and copy-writing services as well as design. Follow her on Twitter

6.Obaidul Haque – Hello Bloggerz
Obaidul built Hello Bloggerz from the ground up and in less than two years became highly successful.
He has over six years experience in the industry and at the moment offers free blog consultation on his blog!
He mainly focuses on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Guest Blogging, Copywriting etc. Follow him on Twitter

7.Carol Tice – Make a Living Writing
Carol helps you create a compelling blog that promises to engage readers.
Her services include blogging, ghost blogging, Facebook fan page content production and White Paper Writing.
Her client have included Costco, CBS Interactive and True Blue.
Follow her on Twitter

UPDATE: Carol doesn't do Facebook fan pages. Right now she does mostly articles and blog posts.

8.Francisco Perez - iBlogzone
Francisco who runs DiTesco Consulting helps you build or improve your business website.
His aim is to help individuals and small businesses to profit from their experience and expertise. From advising you on starting a new blog, establishing and developing an overall marketing strategy, getting more traffic, increase conversion, to leveraging on the social web to find your target audience,   Follow him on Twitter

9.Nancy Brown – Capability Mom
Nancy is the ultimate mom blogger and self confessed geek.(she reads the dictionary for fun)
She specialises in content creation, social media,writing and editing. She has written for large companies, blogs, websites and other clients.
She brings a lot of personality to her content which connects with readers.
Follow her on Twitter

10.Matt Smith – Online Income Teacher
Matt is the brains behind online income teacher. He is a professional blogger, SEO consultant and web developer.
His services include Blog setup, copy-writing, editing and general consulting.
Want a successful online business? This is the guy to go to.
Follow him on Twitter.

11.Annabel Candy – Get In The Hot Spot
Annabel can make your blog HOT!
She's one of the best Travel Writers, Speakers, Blog Designers, Copywriters and Social Media Consultants on the internet today.
Follow her on Twitter

12.Anne Wayman – About Freelance Writing
Anne's blog has helped produce some of the best freelance writers on the internet today. Her posts are thorough and full of valuable information on writing.
On top of this she offers ghost writing services.
Follow her on Twitter

13.Kylie Ofiu – Kylie Ofiu
Kylie is all about teaching REAL ways to save and make money. She has been blogging for more than 2 years and has experience writing for Moneyhound, Mozo, BigPond, KleenexMums and has guest posted on a variety of other blogs.
She's no nonsense and brings her expertise to the table.
Follow her on Twitter

14.Michael Chibuzor – Content Marketing Up
Michael is the man who runs Content Marketing Up. He writes for a number of blogs from Lifehack to John Chow.
His specialities include ghost writing, guest posting and writing email sales copies. Follow him on twitter

15.Amrit Hallan – Credible Content
Amrit really knows what credible content is. He has the amazing ability to write for ANY niche tha is thrown at him from hospitality and healthcare to SEO and web design. All his content is unique so you know you can trust him. Follow him on Twitter

16.Prerna – The Mom Writes
Another incredible mom blogger, Prerna is a social media expert and business blogger. She has a background in Communication Training and Advertising and uses this extensive knowledge to help businesses address the target customer and market segment which helps increase conversations.
This mom knows what she's talking about! Follow her on Twitter

17.Samantha Bangayan – What Little Things
Samantha is a freelance writer, editor and translator. Her content is research focused so you know you're getting amazing value for your your money.
She has a Bsc in Psychology and she uses this to write excellent compelling content that connects with her readers. Follow her on Twitter

18.Michael Kwan –Michael Kwan Freelance Writing Services
Micheal has been writing quality articles on the Internet since 1999, covering a wide range of topics, including social commentary, personal electronics, home-based business, web development, and consumer advice.
A guru to most Michael writes some of the best content on the internet today. Follow him on Twitter

19.Monika Mundell – Monika Mundell
Monika has three things going for her, her writing is incredible, she's affordable and FAST! She's able to do this because she is an experienced internet marketer and SEO expert. Follow her on twitter

20.Ryan Healy – Business Growth Strategies
Ryan is “The Most Referred Direct Response Copywriter on the Internet.” He hits deadlines and delivers everything he promises. He has over 10 years of experience under his belt.
One of his most amazing achievement was when he wrote an online sales letter that grossed over $400,000 in just 45 days! Not bad. Follow him on Twitter

21.Ahmed Safwan – To Start Blogging
Ahmed is the guy behind To Start Blogging.
He doesn't care who you are! As long as you hire him , he will give you top notch work and ensure that your business grows rapidly.
Follow him on Twitter

Got Some More To Add?
This list isn't exhaustible... Share your favourite freelance writers/bloggers in the comments below!

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