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Search Algorithm: My Almost Instant Google Success

This is just a quick post I thought I would write to share my quite unexpected success in terms of PR and understanding of search algorithms. More specifically, Google's search algorithm.

Up until now, I thought I fully (okay... almost fully) understood what search engine algorithms were about.
In the recent August 2012 PR update, I was shocked to discover that my site had moved from a virtually useless PR 0 to a surprising PR 4! In less than a month!

My first thought was okay I'm probably dreaming because it didn't make sense. I made used every PR checker I could find and they all said the same thing, Google had smile at me.

I hadn't done any serious PR level link building so there was no reason for Google's search algorithm to all of a sudden stand up and say, "Your site is useful, I give you a 4." I guess most of my links were natural i.e. other people were actively linking to me. They were doing the link building job for me!

Then it all made sense...

After various attempts to sneakily increase my Pagerank failed, I gave up (admittedly, I was going a bit black hat). I was tired of trying every guru strategy on earth. That's when I made a very important decision.

A month earlier, I decided to do a complete overhaul of my content. I decided to become USEFUL, even if it killed me. No more useless everyday content.
I decided that if I didn't spend at least 6 hours on every blog post, then it wasn't good enough.

If I was going to use article marketing and spinning as one of my strategies, then I was going to use a  top class article spinner. I chose The Best Spinner because it was so professional and allowed me to come up with literally hundreds of highly unique spins. I definitely recommend it if you want to go the article marketing route and are serious about building high quality backlinks.

And... I guess it was all uphill from there!... Actually that's not the whole story..

Over the coming weeks I'll be writing step by step posts about the search algorithm and exactly how I got a PR 4 in less than a month. If you don't want to miss out, then consider Subscribe to Electric Blogging by Email :)

Image Credit: http://FreeDigitalPhotos.net